Using Mental, Human Capital to Create Business Capital

All businesses start with an idea…obviously. That idea may be just a little glimmer of a dream in the mind’s eye, yearning to be nurtured and brought to life. It may be a grandiose plan that demands to be set free. Regardless of what the idea is and its original size, the beginning of any business is an idea, or mental capital. You learn things as you get started with your business; you learn what works and what does not. As you experience setbacks and failures, you learn new ways around the problems and issues that plague your progress.

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Everything That You Do Should Have Value to Add to Your Customers

Everything that you do for your customers should have some inherent value added to it. You are selling a product that you would like to become quite popular, unless yours is the only one like it in the entire world, you must compete with others who are selling similar products as well. Perhaps, one of you will edge others out by offering the biggest selection of these items. Perhaps another will find their market edge by selling in select markets only. And still others may manage to undercut their competition by selling at the lowest possible prices. However, one important … Continue Reading

The Smallest Common Denominator: Defining and Finding Your Niche

For some people, when they hear the name of any industry, they will see the big picture. The music industry for them will encompass not only the music that they listen to, but the way that the music is created, the recording, the shipping and the promotions that must go into getting music to the consumer. To them, it will also involve every type of musical genre- from rock and hip hop to Beethoven and Mozart. Anything that pertains to the making, transporting or selling of music will be what is in their head.

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Why No One Pays Extra For Rudeness: Building Relationship Capital

Everyone is always focusing on capital when they are discussing business. They need venture capital to get started. They need additional capital to keep going. What they are generally discussing, what they commonly are referring to is the financial aspect of business, the cash. What they often forget to mention, or they forget to factor in is relationship capital.

Regardless of what product you are selling, what service you are marketing, you are going to be selling to relationships. You may never see a single customer’s face and you may never even hear their voices. You may … Continue Reading

Psychology in Marketing: Get Inside Your Customer’s Head to get Inside their Wallets

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you made your last four purchases? Eliminate food, gas for your vehicle or prescription medications. Look at the four that are remaining. Why did you buy those things? What was the driving force behind that choice? Even if you did not stop to think about those purchases at the time of the sale, but you should think about them now. The psychology behind buying behavior and understanding consumer attitudes may go a very long way toward learning the right marketing skills, the right marketing voice to use for your target … Continue Reading

Known By Sight: Brand Image Importance

Quick. Name three soda drinks. Did you have to think about it very hard, or did several names pop right up for you? Now, how did you come up with these names? Was it a matter of thinking of flavors of soda and going on from there or did you come up brand names first and flavors second? Does flavor even matter? After all, most people do not add the ancillary description “cola” to the names of the beverages that they chose; they order a Pepsi or a Coke and know that they are understood.

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It’s a Twister!: Building and Maintaining a Business Sales Funnel

Everyone at some point in their life has seen a tornado, either in person, or in movies, documentaries or on TV. We all know of the horrible devastation that they can create, how they have the potential to decimate everything in their very path. Twisters and tornados pick these up and destroy them; funnels on the other hand direct things to where they need to go. You use a funnel to pour liquids into a container so that it does not just run everywhere and create a huge mess to be cleaned up. Think about the last time you added … Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing: Strategize and Diligently Implement Your Plan to Optimize Your Business Success

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As with most elements of Internet Marketing, the concept of social media marketing is widely misunderstood. Enhancing the performance of your business through social networking, online and off is a distinct possibility. However, it requires more than simply slapping a few social media website pages together and hoping for the best. It requires forethought. It requires education. It requires strategy. It requires a specified plan for … Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing: Utilizing Effective Imagery to Excite Your Visitors’ Brain – and Increase Conversion Rates

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Cognitive psychologists are very interested in determining how the brain works. Social media marketing practitioners are very interested in determining how to increase conversion rates. When these two groups of people share information, it becomes very evident that including specific types of effective imagery on your social networking websites becomes imperative for your success as an entrepreneur.

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Creating Your Own Brand: Facts and Questions about Personal Branding That You Need to Know and Ask

Personal branding and brand identity are concepts that you need to become familiar with. Creating your own brand is of profound importance in today’s business world. Additionally, your personal brand is in consistent development – whether you realize it or not. Everything that you do, everything that you say, everything that makes you an individual, is constantly being recorded. Your brand identity is the total meshing of what you cause other people to think and feel about you.

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