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Demetrios Tzortzis, Marketing Strategist, Business Development & Change Agent

Demetrios Tzortzis is an online business development strategist and executor with the canny ability to drive results. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in the strategy, development (including branding), and implementation of several online products, services and businesses in a variety of industries including the healthcare, personal consumables, insurance, e-Learning, local business and more.

Demetrios Tzortzis is the Owner of Fresh Twist Media. Fresh Twist Media is a Online Marketing and Business Development Firm that provides strategic marketing services, from strategy to implementation through detailed analysis, platform integration, campaign management and outsourcing services. Demetrios Tzortzis also works tirelessly to build and establish several other organizations and businesses in which he is vested.

Demetrios Tzortzis is also actively involved in his community and servers as the organizer for YAL (Young Adult League of Denver), Advertising and Sponsorship Chair for the Denver Greek Festival and contributes his time to many local and national non-profit and charitable organizations. In addition, he is a dedicated coach and mentor for individuals and small businesses who are looking to learn and get more exposure online.

A native Coloradoan, Demetrios had a very humble upbringing by Greek parents who worked vigorously to provide him with the basic necessities to further his education. He received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University where he studied Marketing, International business and Spanish, the likes of which contributed to his dynamic personality for creating new ideas and his appreciation for different people.

During his duration at CSU, he was fortunate enough to study a semester abroad in Europe, which facilitated his expansion on foreign cultures and real life experiences. This also led to an understanding that the Internet, like language, can be a barrier between different people, but can simultaneously connect people with different backgrounds, cultures, languages and most importantly, contrasting opinions and viewpoints.

Demetrios’ expertise in Internet marketing social media came through thousands of hours of assiduous research and self-taught education, and now enables him to effectively connect and build solid relationships and business with people worldwide through the power of the Internet.

Demetrios continues to develop strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes to increase cash flow through channels, products and services business owners never knew existed.  Additionally, Demetrios understands at a granular level what it takes to build a solid business and retain customers for long term profitability.

Companies & Partners:

Fresh Twist Media -Owner/Strategic Marketing Consultant (See Web Portfolio)

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