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Using Mental, Human Capital to Create Business Capital

All businesses start with an idea…obviously. That idea may be just a little glimmer of a dream in the mind’s eye, yearning to be nurtured and brought to life. It may be a grandiose plan that demands to be set free. Regardless of what the idea is and its original size, the beginning of any business is an idea, or mental capital. You learn things as you get started with your business; you learn what works and what does not. As you experience setbacks and failures, you learn new ways around the problems and issues that plague your progress.

After you … Continue Reading

Everything That You Do Should Have Value to Add to Your Customers

Everything that you do for your customers should have some inherent value added to it. You are selling a product that you would like to become quite popular, unless yours is the only one like it in the entire world, you must compete with others who are selling similar products as well. Perhaps, one of you will edge others out by offering the biggest selection of these items. Perhaps another will find their market edge by selling in select markets only. And still others may manage to undercut their competition by selling at the lowest possible prices. However, one important … Continue Reading

Why No One Pays Extra For Rudeness: Building Relationship Capital

Everyone is always focusing on capital when they are discussing business. They need venture capital to get started. They need additional capital to keep going. What they are generally discussing, what they commonly are referring to is the financial aspect of business, the cash. What they often forget to mention, or they forget to factor in is relationship capital.

Regardless of what product you are selling, what service you are marketing, you are going to be selling to relationships. You may never see a single customer’s face and you may never even hear their voices. You may … Continue Reading

Futuristic Leadership: A Return To Social-based Transformational Change

The human race is currently experiencing a planetary shift concerning the ways that leadership is perceived – and that change is created. All levels of humanity are affected. In the past, people were led by moguls with unlimited cash reserves and/or limitless power. Today, effective leadership is based on connecting groups of like-minded individuals – and of course, the Internet is the primary vehicle … Continue Reading

Core Leadership Competencies: The Top Five Core Competencies for Business Leaders

Regardless of the size of your company, certain core leadership competencies will make you very effective in creating a new brand – or in helping a current branding strategy to evolve efficiently. Developing core values and core competencies within your organization, and then repetitively reinforcing them, is the foundation for internal branding – and the best method for you to recognize your business goals.

The top five core leadership competencies:

1. Develop your vision.
a. Leaders have clear visions of their futures. They know where they desire to deliver their organizations in terms of production, profit and satisfaction for both employees and their … Continue Reading

Business and Passion: Understanding How Finding Your Passion Affects Personal Branding

Finding your passion in life is profoundly important for the effective development of your personal branding efforts. Business and passion are completely interrelated in today’s modern, technologically-advanced society. It simply no longer realistic to think that an individual can go through the course of their career in the work world without representing their personal passions. You will find it impossible to be successful at personal branding if you’re not representing the ideas, products, services, beliefs, experiences and philosophical foundations that make you who you are.

If your desire is to develop a strong, unique personal brand, … Continue Reading

The Four Letter Word, Fear: Finding and Controlling Your Fear Triggers

Fear is a normal part of life for all living creatures. And, before anyone starts thinking that fear is a bad thing, or something to well, fear, let me assure of this: fear can sometimes be a very, very good thing indeed. When you can learn to figure out your fear, to know what triggers that gut-wrenching feeling of utter terror, then you can finally start to work toward controlling it. Fear will never be completely defeated, destroyed or silenced, but starting to recognize it as the positive that it can be the first step to harnessing its … Continue Reading