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Psychology in Marketing: Get Inside Your Customer’s Head to get Inside their Wallets

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you made your last four purchases? Eliminate food, gas for your vehicle or prescription medications. Look at the four that are remaining. Why did you buy those things? What was the driving force behind that choice? Even if you did not stop to think about those purchases at the time of the sale, but you should think about them now. The psychology behind buying behavior and understanding consumer attitudes may go a very long way toward learning the right marketing skills, the right marketing voice to use for your target … Continue Reading

Known By Sight: Brand Image Importance

Quick. Name three soda drinks. Did you have to think about it very hard, or did several names pop right up for you? Now, how did you come up with these names? Was it a matter of thinking of flavors of soda and going on from there or did you come up brand names first and flavors second? Does flavor even matter? After all, most people do not add the ancillary description “cola” to the names of the beverages that they chose; they order a Pepsi or a Coke and know that they are understood.

Brand image is important, … Continue Reading

Effective Consumer Engagement: Understanding How Digital Convergence Continues to Affect Societal Advancements

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Consumer engagement is the entire purpose behind all forms of social based media. From times past when all information transference occurred by storytelling – to novels – to radio – to television – to cable television – and now the Internet, gaining the attention of prospective consumers, in order to introduce them to products and information, is the entire name of … Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing: Drive Targeted Traffic and Create a Loyal Following by Employing Strategic Social Media Techniques

Strategic social media marketing is profoundly necessary for driving targeted traffic and creating a loyal following online. Your website has the potential to make your business loads of money – and that’s exactly why you need to understand how to attract specific niches and then deliver the products, services and information that they are seeking.

There is no magical way to drive the targeted traffic that you desire. It takes work and a multifaceted strategy.

Everyone on the planet is either already wired – or they want to become wired. Strategic social media techniques produce … Continue Reading

Reputation Management: Your Online Reputation With Social Media Is On The Line- Are You Protecting It?

Too many people are jumping into Internet Marketing without remembering the vast importance of constantly maintaining their online reputations. You see, the Internet doesn’t forget. Every website you create, every forum post that you make, every blog comment that you post, every blog posts that you write – and every other thing that you will ever do online, leaves a digital footprint that will never go away. Online reputation management is quickly becoming a very powerful business necessity.

Social media engagement on various social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others must be implemented … Continue Reading

Social Networking Facts: The Top Four Social Media Marketing Misconceptions Explained

With the worldwide buzz concerning social media marketing continuing to grow, many misconceptions naturally embed themselves in the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs. Everybody wants to get it right. Everybody wants to create that relevant group of passionate followers that will help them to explode their profit margins! Social networking is about effective communication, real-time customer support – and powerful personal branding effectiveness. Let’s examine some social networking facts that will help you to steer clear of the common pitfalls.

The Top 4 Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

-Social networking creates chaos for brand images:

-Engaging in … Continue Reading

Creating Intellectual Capital: Cornering the Market on the Creative Mind

If you are a business owner of any kind, think about the people that add value to you and your success. You need the manufacturing department to build or create a good product. You need the customer service department to always be responsive and polite to each of your customers. And finally, you need your marketing department to do thorough research so that you know who you are selling to and how best to reach them. The marketing department is the creative side of your company- the ones who will know how to best fit the words together, to not … Continue Reading