Everything That You Do Should Have Value to Add to Your Customers

Everything that you do for your customers should have some inherent value added to it. You are selling a product that you would like to become quite popular, unless yours is the only one like it in the entire world, you must compete with others who are selling similar products as well. Perhaps, one of you will edge others out by offering the biggest selection of these items. Perhaps another will find their market edge by selling in select markets only. And still others may manage to undercut their competition by selling at the lowest possible prices. However, one important need and value is being overlooked: the good care of each customer.

When a customer expresses interest in your product or service, they are expressing interest in your company and by default, in you. In the world of internet marketing there may be times where a million transactions can be carried out without a single human connection being made. On the other hand, there may be days where the technology itself is faulty and you will field hundreds, thousands or millions of calls from bewildered consumers. By providing excellent service at this point, you are adding value to the product that the customers are interested in, an inherent quality that perhaps no one else offers as well. How many times have you been forced to choose between two similar products with comparable prices: what is the deciding factor in your final choice? The human quality may be what edges out the others- even if it means spending an extra few bucks. Remember: most people are willing to spend a little more to be treated specially.

The bottom line to selling is creating a need for consumers. You need them to need your products and services. You need them to want to come back time and time again. Just having a great product at a reasonable price is not enough in the super competitive market places today. The edge is going to come down to the old-fashioned personal touch, even in the global, computerized world of today.

Once you have created a driving need for the products, you start to add value to your customers by treating them with a little extra care- what does it cost you to say Good Morning to a caller, even if you know the caller is going to complain? It does not cost a dime, but what does it give you in return? Perhaps a customer who was calling to complain because they were unhappy about a small detail walks away with their complaint resolved, product and discount in hand and still a loyal customer. You have saved a sale, practically ensured another sale as well and you invested nothing more than a bit of time, a cheerful greeting and a discounted amount on a product. (Your marketing budgeting should be flexible enough to take these types of transactions into account anyway). In essence, you have spent nothing at all.

The human quality in business is often lacking, especially when all marketing, sales and other transactions are handled online. Even a cheery email to say thank you for a past sale that invites the customer to a future sales event is more than just a good idea, it is imperative.