Social Media Marketing: Utilizing Effective Imagery to Excite Your Visitors’ Brain – and Increase Conversion Rates

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Cognitive psychologists are very interested in determining how the brain works. Social media marketing practitioners are very interested in determining how to increase conversion rates. When these two groups of people share information, it becomes very evident that including specific types of effective imagery on your social networking websites becomes imperative for your success as an entrepreneur.

The visual interpretation of images has a profound impact on increasing conversions!

You see, when we understand the detailed mechanisms that affect the brain’s performance levels, we are better able to communicate and collaborate with others. That is what social media marketing is all about! We want to establish a positive vibration with every visitor on our sites. We want to stir their emotions. We want for them to remember us and return to visit us often. We can accomplish this efficiently by tapping into their brains – by giving them physical representations of what we want for them to learn in addition to the text-based content that we provide for them.

Human beings use vision as a primary input device for knowledge building.

Information that is taken in through our eyes is transferred directly to the primary visual cortex in the rear of our brains. This information is then classified and transferred to up to more than 30 other parts of the brain. The three main parts of the brain that deal with our visual input patterns are:

➢ The ventral stream – determines what objects are;
➢ The dorsal stream – classifies objects according to available physical space;
➢ The limbic system – attaches emotions and feelings to those objects;

In order to be optimally effective at social media marketing, we need to stimulate each of these areas of the brain. When we make our visitors’ brains fire up with activity, we create more engrossing and memorable experiences for them. That is interesting. That leads to increase sales.

Characteristics of effective imagery:

An effective image inspires visual interpretation by inviting the eyes to move around on it. Human beings create meaning in a large way through visual interrogation of their surroundings. Therefore, you can increase the power of your social media marketing endeavors by:

➢ Using images to clarify what you wish to communicate;
➢ Making your images more fully engaged by including an interactive element in them;
➢ Making your images more memorable by creating an unmistakable persistence about them;

Learning how the brain works, and how to inspire visual interrogation of the images that you include in your social media marketing vehicles, are imperative elements to the success of your campaigns. You have to take the time to get to know what your visitors are looking for – and then deliver it to them in the most powerful, simplistic ways that you can. Effective imagery will increase your conversion rates!